Bessie Lasky's Mission Paintings
In the mid-1940s Bessie Lasky embarked on what would be her most ambitious painting project. Inspired by Jesse Jr's enthusiastic suggestion that she paint the twenty-one California Missions ("You can do it, Bess!"), she set out to do just that. The result, thirty-two Mission paintings, first exhibited at the Crocker Art Gallery in Sacramento (1950), are now a permanent part of the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History. Below is a sampling:

San Diego de Alcala, San Diego, 1769
San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo, Monterey, June 1770

San Fernando, near Los Angeles, 1797
San Juan Capistrano, between San Diego and Los Angeles, 1775

San Francisco de Assisi, San Francisco, 1776
San Gabriel Archangel, near Los Angeles, 1771

Santa Barbara, 1786
Santa Cruz, 1791