Movie Posters
Poster images are copyrighted and generously provided by Dana D. Winseman, Masters Of Imaging; George Westmore Research Library & Museum. (the Westmore Family was responsible for creating the makeup for almost every one of the films produced by Jesse L. Lasky, including his Academy Award winning Sergeant York.)
   back back   The Undying Flame - 1917  

   back back    The Sheik - 1921

back back    Blood and Sand - 1922

 back back   Saturday Night - 1922

back back   The Air Mail - 1925

back back   Sergeant York - 1941

Unclaimed Goods - 1918
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The Great Moment - 1921
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1922 - Beyond the Rocks
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The Covered Wagon - 1923
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Sorrows of Satan - 1926
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Without Reservations - 1946
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