The Lasky-De Mille Barn
Lasky memory is preserved in the Hollywood Heritage Museum, the old Lasky-De Mille barn which was moved to its permanent location at 2100 North Highland Avenue (across from the Hollywood Bowl) in 1980.
Betty Lasky with the bust of her father, Jesse LaskyBronze bust of Jesse Lasky donated to Hollywood Heritage Museum
A bronze bust, created in 1933, of Jesse L. Lasky, by prominent sculptor, Boris Lovett-Lorski, has found a permanent home with Hollywood Heritage at the Lasky-DeMille Barn. It was officially donated to Hollywood Heritage on December 9, 2015. Lovett-Lorski's other subjects included, during his long career, four U.S. presidents, Toscanini and Albert Schweitzer. Attending the event are (left to right) Marc Wanamaker, photo archivist and owner of Bison Archives; Betty Lasky; Danielle Dadigan, president of The Hollywood Museum housed in the Max Factor Building; and outgoing Hollywood Heritage president, Bryan Cooper.

Don Sartell took this photo of me with Charlton Heston at the dedication ceremonies for the Hollywood Studio Museum (now the Hollywood Heritage Museum), December 13, 1985.

Showing off the sign on the side of the Museum.
[Cricchio-Bragg Photography Port Arthur, TX]

Outside the barn, following interviews for a Norwegian documentary focusing on the International Stars of Norway, December 2, 2001. On Betty's left, Hollywood historian Marc Wanamaker; Miles Kreuger, president, Institute of the American Musical; behindBetty, interviewer Niels Peter Solberg; to her right Kay Tornborg, president, Hollywood Heritage.