1930s: The Depression Era

Lasky continued to rule Paramount in the early 1930s, but during the Depression era his company went into receivership. He became an independent producer for other major studios and fought to make films he believed in. 

Lasky at his desk circa 1930s 

Lasky and best friend Cecil B. DeMille at the opening of Cavalcade (Academy Award winner, 1932-33).


The Laskys at a premiere circa early 1930s.

[ABOVE ]: A Hollywood soiree in 1933 honoring famed part-giver Elsa Maxwell (attired as Albert Einstein). [L-R]: (standing)
comedienne Polly Moran, writer Edgar Allan Woolf, Elsa, Jesse Lasky, Maurice Chevalier; (seated at the piano) Groucho Marx (sans mustache),
Jimmy Durante and party host Paramount executive producer M.C. “Mike” Levee; (leaning) director Frank Borzage,
actor Leslie Howard, female impersonator Jean Malin and actor Fredric March. [BELOW]: The same gathering.
[LEFT]: Lasky with Somerset Maugham, circa mid-1930s; [ABOVE] Lasky with Jack Warner, circa mid-1930s 

[ABOVE] Jesse Lasky surrounded by musical stars at a Hollywood premiere in the 1930s. [L-R]: Singer Allan Jones;
his wife, actress Irene Hervey; radio conductor Andre Kostelanetz; his wife, Lily Pons; Nelson Eddy (peeking from behind them);
Lasky; soprano Jeanette MacDonald; lyric-soprano Grace Moore; unidentified whistler; Moore’s husband,
Spanish actor Valentine Parera; mezzo-soprano Gladys Swarthout; her husband and manager, Frank Chapman.