1940s: The Independent Years

In the 1940s, Lasky launched a series of screen biographies: Rhapsody in Blue, Sergeant York, and The Adventures of Mark Twain. Sergeant York became a box-office smash and earned Gary Cooper an Academy Award.

ABOVE]: Lasky introduces Gary Cooper, the star of  Sergeant York,
to the real-life Sergeant York, circa 1941.
[ABOVE]: The Lasky family circa early 1940s: Jesse, Betty, Bessie, and Billy.
[LEFT AND ABOVE] Betty Lasky with her father, giving her away
at her marriage to William Clymer Bidlack in 1942.  
[ABOVE] Lasky with star Frederic March during the filming of The Adventures of Mark Twain, circa 1943. 
[ABOVE]: Lasky hosts a farewell party in 1943 at Florentine Gardens, Hollywood, for Jesse, Jr., 1st. Lieutenant,
U.S. Army Signal Corps, leaving for the South Pacific.Clockwise from left: Cecilia Presnell, wife of
Cal. Robert Presnell (Jesse’s superior officer); Jean Koehler; across from Lasky, Jean Donnelly;
Boris Lovet-Lorski, sculptor; Teddy Lynch (J. Paul Getty’s last wife); and Lasky's good friend Jack Emanuel.  

The Laskys with silent film star Antonio Moreno, at an exhibition of Bessie's paintings
in the Ambassador Hotel’s Colonial Room in Los Angeles, 1949.